With the launch of Technology for Good Think Tank next week – 5th February 2020, I wanted to take the opportunity to republish the Wonder Woman profile/article we shared back last year.

Let me take you back to summer 2019…

Stepping into Chequers Marlow with Farah and Boss, we order our drinks – one white wine Spritzer (me) and a pint of something (Farah). Everyone is ‘heart-eyeing’ at little Boss the dog whilst Farah and I have a quick catch up whilst we wait for the Networkers to arrive…

‘Are you here for the Networking Group’ – This was Sharon, a confident and strong woman who drove good half an hour to attend the Wine Corner.

We did our introductions, I explained about the group, Farah talked about her new venture on Master Data, and Sharon tells us about herself –

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Sharon Curtis

A Digital Project Manager and the Founder of Technology for Good. Inspired by her son, she tells us her story of how she came up with the idea, the hours of researching and some challenges along the way.

Here is what she had to say:

I love technology! I love discovering stuff about it, finding out about what it can do, finding out about what might come next. I often I find myself thinking wouldn’t it be great if …. this would be so much simpler if …. this would be so much better delivered in this way …. Over the last 15 years I have been working in technology programme and project management to deliver over 200 digital projects for businesses.

The other thing I love (more than technology) is my family I am lucky enough to be blessed with a 2 lovely children. My eldest child, Dexter has just turned 9, he is an amazing kid with super human strength and climbing abilities that know no bounds.

He is also autistic (among a couple of other neurological conditions).

He would be classified as non-verbal and has extremely complex needs which can be incredibly challenging. 

Over the last 9 years my husband and I have made it our mission to get Dexter the best help we can to make his life better, we have tried every sensible therapy and technique we can find in the book. We have consulted many experts, worked with his school, social worker and even tried medication.

In the end it got too tough at his lovely school he attended, sadly they couldn’t meet his needs anymore in the environment (despite their best efforts) it was time for Dexter to move on. 

Now, I am happy to say (after a mountain of paperwork, assessments, meetings, research, special needs panels and a great deal of despair at times…) that he is in a fantastic school where he has the right level of support.

We can tell it’s making such a positive difference to his life.

It is still baby steps, so we can’t afford to sit back and hope for a better future for Dexter it’s likely that he will need lifelong care.

It’s Dexter and the many others I have met over the years with challenging neurological conditions that has inspired the site technologyforgood.co.uk I wanted to create a central place to share ideas that could help people improve the quality of their lives through technology.  Whether it is to help them with learning, making an activity accessible to them, helping them manage sensory issues or stay in employment or even just get better access to the healthcare that they need… I want to find the answers and help and empower other families, carers and even the industry!

Technology for good vision is to create a community ‘think tank’ for people inspired by great technology with the goal to help people with neurological conditions.

The ‘think tank’ will share ideas, collaborate and delivers crowd funded technology projects on a not for profit basis designed for people with neurological conditions to help them fulfil their potential and lead happier and more successful lives. 

Technology in health is a massive growth area there are some exciting technologies that pose some fantastic opportunities to people with neurological conditions and I really feel like we are likely to see more progress in the next 5 years than we have seen in the last 20 years.

Now, that something I am excited to be part of! Shaping with technology for good in the future.    

If just one person can benefit from our technology then really it would be a fantastic achievement but our hope is to benefit the lives of many in a positive way.’

If you would like to find out more about the think tank or take part please take a look at Sharon’s site: technologyforgood.co.uk and contact her today!

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