With most networking events, you are asked to stand up, introduce yourself and pitch your idea(s). The Wonder Community has a different approach, the meetings are a lot more collaborative, although it would be great to go around the coffee table to introduce yourself, it is not forced upon you. There will be a talking subject and theme each month which is decided by you. You can share your chosen subject by sending your ideas via the contact page! This can then be put together in themes and an agenda will be in place to help lead the group. 

The Wonder Community Meet Ups are collaborative, informative and a safe space for you to come along with your thoughts, feelings and experience. It is a opportunity for you to learn more and to teach other. So… Let’s champion professional women! 

Our Community ‘meet-ups’ are free to attend and designed to feel like you are meeting a group of like-minded, motivated friends. They are non-invasive, non-judgemental and there is no ‘forced fun’ (just the normal kind!)

Being part of The Wonder Community allows members to gain recommendations, receive feedback, bounce ideas off like-minded people, to get hints and tips from others, share situations and to be part of community where you can learn, grow and be empowered.

We are always looking for contributors and new members to join, so if this is something you would like to get involved in we use Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to advertise and Eventbrite for the free tickets!

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